• January 2015


    Tholons publishes the 2015 Top 100 Outsourcing destinations ranking


    The outsourcing market continues to look for new and vigorous locations and every city is looking to offer good and exiting options. Latin America cities have shown a mixed result this time with 25 cities that havemade into the list.

    The deepest drop is from Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro loosing 5 positions. On the other hand Medellin has moved up 6 positions and Guatemala City showed an outstanding improvement by moving up 13 positions! Congratulations to both.

    San José de Costa Rica has moved to the 11th position, almost reaching the Top 10 list. This is a great achievement for a Latin America city. Pura Vida San José! In summary, 13 cities have managed to move up in the list while 7 cities moved down.

    Competition is as tough as ever and every effort the countries and promotion agencies do  has to be maximize because it could mean the difference between welcoming a new company or not.

    We continue to believe in the tremendous opportunities and possibilities that this region and its cities have to offer.

    We wish them all great success!

    The list can be seen at: http://www.tholons.com/nl_pdf/Tholons_Whitepaper_December_2014.pdf