• June 2015


    The importance of a good strategy: learning from all

    Uruguay services export industry represents in excess of 1.5% of total GDP. More and more companies of all sizes are looking to expand and diversify their offerings on a global basis. More than 25 business owners joined our firm during the after office meeting under the goal of: “The importance of a good strategy: learning from all”.

    As a guest speaker, Daniel Padilla from Nationtraffic shared his views on reaching and knowing customers in the digital world. Backed with a successful 1 million plus customer financial services company, Daniel explained benefits and ideas to know more about each of our customer’s behaviors allowing a much efficient marketing relationship. He also mentioned the need to follow “physical” customers to their digital experience.

    During the meeting Uruguay XXI, the Investment and Promotion agency added comments on their Export support services including subsidies to create, prepare and deliver globalization strategies or market study strategies. Our firm certainly appreciates Uruguay XXI participation and their open attitude to work along our customers.

    MVD Consulting provides individualized globalization strategies and helps firms achieve their services export goals working together and with extensive research of market conditions and competitive analysis. Usually within a 5 month period, companies enjoy the mix of experience, solid strategic thinking and implementation support that allow them to compete and win new markets. MVD Consulting has helped companies in various industries like Engineering, Education, Technology and Construction services to mention a few.