• April 2013


    Nearshore Americas publishes the Top 50 most influential Nearshore Outsourcing professionals

    MVD Consulting Mario Tucci included within the Top 10 most influential Nearshore Outsourcing professionals.

    Prestigious media Nearshore Americas (www.nearshoreamericas.com) announced the 2013 ranking of most influential professionals for the Nearshore Outsourcing industry. With nominations by they readers and selection of a selected jury team including senior executives from Deloitte LLC, ECLAC and Citibank, this list includes top providers, consultants and industry analysts.

    MVD Consulting Senior Partner Mario Tucci came in at position number 9.

    According to Nearshore Americas “during the short history of the Nearshore Outsourcing era, these top 10 achieves significant milestones and are the example of the potential of the industry that is still finding its consolidation”.

    From MVD Consulting we salute all components of this group that on a daily basis work for a more globalized world. Our firm works with their customers in maximizing benefits by applying experience, methodology and transformational results in areas of Globalization, Operational Implementation and Change Implementation.

    MVD Consulting is a young business consulting firm. It specialized in location selection, set up and execution of Shared Service Centers, restructure of central functions and support on globalization efforts by vendors or corporations. It also delivers institutional advisory services for government promotion agencies and other related organizations that look to enhance the impact of the service industry within their specific geographies.

    You may reach Mario at mtucci@mvdconsulting.com