• July 2012


    MVD Consulting joins forces with the leading global advisory firm THOLONS to help Companies in Latin America accelerate their Globalization

    Companies look for the right ecosystem that helps them accelerate growth in new markets. They require expert advisory based on pragmatic, actionable suggestions. And with constant change in the business landscape, it is critical to have a broad look into consumption patterns, risk elements, talent availability and capability creation. This is why MVD Consulting is happy to announce a partnership with Tholons, a leading Outsourcing advisory and research firm providing actionable advise and competitive insights.

    The partnership will help Tholons and its customers enhance its presence in Latin America while adding local expertise and execution capability. It will give MVD Consulting customers the ability to add strong research and global reach embedded in the firm´s capabilities. For example, a customer on our Operational Implementation practice will be able to compare itself to peers in any part of the World, and thus be much better prepared to compete in the marketplace.

    Please contact us to see how this partnership extends the reach and depth of your opportunities.