• May 2013


    Government Strategies to create more employments in the Global Services Industry


    And how many people are available? What should I study in order to find a good job? These simple questions, asked by dozens of global investors looking for new locations in Latin America and young students are still difficult to answer.

    With only 8% of the Global Service Industry offering, Latin America positions itself in one of the fastest growing regions to generate qualified employment in areas of BPO, ITO and KPO. This could represent 100.000 new jobs in the next 2 years in the entire region on functions from contact center agents to architects designing remote cities.

    With such a strong opportunity and with the pressure to generate better job positions and diversify the productivity matrix in a continent with prevailing primary industry, many countries are preparing tools to expand the service industry. This is the case of Uruguay that after an important loan from the Inter-American Development Bank started various initiatives in search for more investments in this area.

    Tholons Inc, thru its business partner for Latin America MVD Consulting devised and created a model for the platform that will support promotion activities, employable talent and evaluation of needed competencies. The project, done in conjunction with the consulting team was recently presented to different stakeholders in Uruguay. This included the government promotion agency Uruguay XXI, universities and education organizations, large outsourcing providers, free zone operators and recruitment agencies.

    The project includes a web portal that will allow interested parties to know how many people have selected capabilities and are ready to start working in different outsourcing industries: ITO, BPO, Pharma and Healthcare, Customer Care services, Logistics services and Creative Industries among others. The system will allow anyone to evaluate his/hers own abilities and understand current education offering to close gaps. It will also be the placeholder for industry activities information, people and companies success stories and details about incentives offered by the country to investors.

    Once in operation it is expected that the system supports the growth of this industry with a goal to add 16.000 employments by year 2020.

    More information about this project and other advisories on institutional development can be asked to our partner in charge Martin Bouza at mbouza@mvdconsulting.com