• July 2013


    Globalization Services: It’s all about strategic growth

    Our work alongside Ingenious Softworks Inc.

    Why would a client choose your solution over your competitor’s? How can you capture a global market of opportunities when your budget and the risks you can take are limited? Is having a good idea enough to attract customers?

    These are some of the questions that the CEO of Ingenious Softworks INC., an influential Product Innovation Services company that provides services to key customers in the United States, was interested in. With a very motivated and multi disciplined team, an entrepreneur attitude and several success stories involving first class clients, Ingenious wanted to expand its clients and give a clearer message.

    Our company worked to refine strategic positioning, to measure the true capacity of Globalization and to set forth certain systems and attitudes that would result in new sales conditions and further growth.

    “The exceptional experience and ability shown by the MVD Consulting team was a decisive factor that led our efforts, in taking our commercial structure to a higher level, to success,” says Ingenious Softworks Inc. CEO Gabriel Camargo.

    Our team worked alongside the customer for 9 months to diagnose actual capacities, develop stages for improvement and manage the Sales and Marketing position through an internship. Applying our consulting framework, we evaluated the customer’s Globalization Index in order to compare the 7 ‘globalization maturity’ criteria: Percentage of global businesses, sales force skills, global delivery centers, percentage of global class clients, processes maturity, diversity in teams and external references to the company.

    We implemented sales management tools, training the team on what to expect when it comes to global companies, reformulated online presence and revised value propositions, success stories and communication with the surrounding community. We also generated induction manuals for new employees and opportunity management protocols. Finally, we launched a management metric system.

    Today, our client counts on a specialized sales team for its specific market, the United States; a new webpage; a new business proposal format; commercial management based on processes and milestones and a pre-sales team that is trained for commercial growth.

    For more information on globalization support services, please contact Mario Tucci at mtucci@mvdconsulting.com.