• May 2013


    El Salvador looks to accelerate growth in the Offshoring Service Industry

    Invited by Proesa, the government promotion agency of El Salvador, Mario Tucci delivered a presentation talking about opportunities in Mobile and Cloud computing.

    Many markets in Latin America are riding the good moment of the offshoring industry and are consolidating their structures to support the services industry exports. At the same time, companies are improving their value proposition and securing alliances to reach new customers. Proximity to the US, new ways to delivery software under the agile methodology and open source and the existence of more BPO offerings has certainly increased business influx for the hemisphere.

    In a presentations prepared by Tholons Inc. research department Mario Tucci shared market information showing how the mobile market will open great advantages to those countries and companies with specific effort in the Mobile Application area. With almost 2 billion users of smart phones and just in the Gaming area, the business will represent U$ 50 billion in 2016.

    Also, with the ability to pull world class services from the Cloud, emerging markets in the technology area will be able to quickly gain positions and compete with those that lead today. This is why several El Salvador business executives appreciated how to leverage these tools and accelerate their opportunities.

    During the visit to El Salvador Mr. Tucci met with several large organizations, with the Secretary of the Presidency and the Director and the team of the government promotion agency Proesa.