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Everest Group Expands Latin America Presence via Agreement with MVD Consulting

DALLAS and MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, SEPTEMBER 15, 2015 —Everest Group will expand its Latin American presence via a joint agreement announced today with MVD Consulting. The agreement provides regional consumers and providers of sourcing services with access to sourcing research content and insight from Everest Group. Everest Group is a US-based global consulting and research firm, focused on strategic IT, business services, and sourcing. MVD Consulting is a leading regional business consulting firm with a focus on globalization and operational optimization for companies in the Latin American market. The agreement comes as firms operating in the region—both global and those based in Latin America—increasingly seek to boost reach and efficiencies. Reports and other joint consulting services are available immediately by contacting either Everest Group or MVD Consulting. The partnership will bring research offerings from Everest Group—including Market Insights™, PEAK Matrix™, Market Vista™, and customized reports—to the region via the local touch and reach of MVD Consulting. Local service providers will be able to access and consult on a variety of research topics and global data, including pricing, which will enable them to better compete in the marketplace. In turn, enterprise buyers will have access to the powerful combination of leading research insights and local advisory services to better manage their sourcing needs and current contracts. “We are excited about our partnership with MVD Consulting, an established firm with an excellent reputation in Latin America. We believe our research can help providers and enterprises make high-impact decisions and support the continued growth of the Latin American global services market—and MVD Consulting is the right partner to deliver our insights to the region,” said Eric Simonson, managing partner of Everest Group. “Hundreds of outsourcing providers from Latin America will be able to plan better with Everest Group’s research and MVD Consulting’s local best-in-class advisory services. Our clients will be pleased to have an additional source of information for fact-based, smart planning, as well as customized information, at a reasonable price. And those who consume sourcing services now will have stronger information to enhance their processes, costs, and forward planning,” said Martin Bouza, MVD Consulting co-founder and lead of the Operational Optimization practice. About Everest Group Everest Group is a consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, and sourcing. We are trusted advisors to senior executives of leading enterprises, providers, and investors. Our firm helps clients improve operational and financial performance through a hands-on process that supports them in making well-informed decisions that deliver high-impact results and achieve sustained value. Our insight and guidance empowers clients to improve organizational efficiency, effectiveness, agility and responsiveness. What sets Everest Group apart is the integration of deep sourcing knowledge, problem-solving skills and original research. Details and in-depth content are available at and About MVD Consulting MVD Consulting helps companies of all sizes and their management teams achieve an agile growth, understanding and maximizing the benefits that come with globalization by working together with them in main areas like Globalization Strategies and Operational Implementation. Our team has extensive seniority and regional knowledge on both sides of the equation, helping vendors as well as consumers with a Spark of Change. We base our process on high quality research and data, add strong experience from our diverse industry practices and provide advisory actions that are real and possible to implement. We also support Government organizations and multilateral agencies that require strategic advisory to foster services industries in Latin America. More can be found at

September 2015

The importance of a good strategy: learning from all

Uruguay services export industry represents in excess of 1.5% of total GDP. More and more companies of all sizes are looking to expand and diversify their offerings on a global basis. More than 25 business owners joined our firm during the after office meeting under the goal of: “The importance of a good strategy: learning from all”. As a guest speaker, Daniel Padilla from Nationtraffic shared his views on reaching and knowing customers in the digital world. Backed with a successful 1 million plus customer financial services company, Daniel explained benefits and ideas to know more about each of our customer’s behaviors allowing a much efficient marketing relationship. He also mentioned the need to follow “physical” customers to their digital experience. During the meeting Uruguay XXI, the Investment and Promotion agency added comments on their Export support services including subsidies to create, prepare and deliver globalization strategies or market study strategies. Our firm certainly appreciates Uruguay XXI participation and their open attitude to work along our customers. MVD Consulting provides individualized globalization strategies and helps firms achieve their services export goals working together and with extensive research of market conditions and competitive analysis. Usually within a 5 month period, companies enjoy the mix of experience, solid strategic thinking and implementation support that allow them to compete and win new markets. MVD Consulting has helped companies in various industries like Engineering, Education, Technology and Construction services to mention a few.

June 2015

Transforming our customers’ attitude. Share to foster growth.

Last April 29th, MVD Consulting proudly moderated the event “Complex Construction Projects in Uruguay: Country Brand?” organized by MPR Project Management. This working breakfast had the participation of three outstanding guests as speakers: Ing. Aldo Centenaro, Ing. Jorge Bliman and Arq. Andrés Molfino, along with a great audience formed by industry players. Martín Bouza, Senior Partner of our firm, moderated the event. Diverse aspects on the execution of complex construction projects and the corresponding challenges were addressed. In Uruguay, the Construction Industry has been growing over the last years led by foreign investments in traditional sectors as Real Estate along with nontraditional sectors as Agroindustry and Energy. These particularly complex projects generate interesting challenges when it comes to its execution. Costs, scale, time and quality are factors that interact and create the need for establishing processes in order to gain overall control of the project, thus assuring success. One of the main points that generated agreement was that Project Management for complex construction projects is the answer when it comes to optimizing use of available resources and obtain best results within schedule, minimizing costs and assuring quality of outcomes. Success in such projects helps position Uruguay as Country Brand in these services. This working breakfast was the first of a series of events to be organized this year with the goal of discussing and collaborating on different topics within the Construction Industry. MVD Consulting celebrates this type of initiatives that shares experiences and good practices, strengthening Uruguay capabilities as services provider in an increasingly globalized market.

May 2015

Shared Service Centers gain market in Colombia. Check our recent study.

Over the last year, MVD Consulting along with its partner Tholons Inc have done a survey on 30% of the Shared Service Centers (SSCs) in Colombia with the goal of understanding the life cycle of these centers, why they have chosen Colombia to settle, what are the main motivations in that country, what type of services they offer and to which markets. This study was sponsored by Colombia´s investment promotion agency ProColombia, Bogotá´s promotion agency InvestinBogotá and ACDECC (Colombian Association of Contact Centers and BPO). The BPO industry in Colombia, led by Contact Centers, is a U$ 2.5 billion industry, of which U$ 500 million per year is exported. These SSCs are mainly owned by companies of less than U$ 500 million in annual revenue. 27% of these centers deliver one line of services, whereas only 18% deliver more than 3 line of services. The number of line of services delivered is an indicator of the maturity level of the SSCs and somehow shows the future importance of them in the value chain of the parent company. The majority of these SSCs are focused on Hispanic markets and cover verticals such as Manufacture, Retail & Distribution, Financial Services and Public Services. We expect to see more services delivered to USA as long as the teaching plans in English language show their results on the local talent. Nevertheless, the local and Hispanic markets in general are a great opportunity for the companies in the region. Among the surveyed SSCs, 40% have a headcount between 500-1000 people, 80% of which have less than 50% of their talent with English skills. Colombia has implemented several teaching programs both at national and local levels in order to improve the number of bilinguals. We expect the impact of these programs to be seen shortly, in order for the SSCs to be able to improve their portfolio of clients and include English speaking clients. Most of the companies have chosen Colombia for their operations due to the availability of qualified talent, reasonable costs, good business environment and access to regional markets. Interestingly, Colombia is also growing new cities as locations of SSCs. Our firm, along with Tholons, include four Colombian cities within the Top 100 ranking worldwide: Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Bucaramanga. The possibility of having operations in more than one city adds value in terms of business continuity and diminishing operational risks. Regarding risks, most of the surveyed companies don´t see major factors; even formerly important factors as crime rates or violence have greatly diminished. Natural events are a source of concern and these companies have processes and business continuity plans in order to minimize the impact. Finally, an improvement is seen in the relationship between universities and companies, the consolidation of a chamber for the sector and more policies from the government. All these areas are being issued with professionalism, which makes us believe that Colombia will grow in the number of SSCs in the short term. Regarding business environment, advice for setting up, implementation, transitions and management of service centers, there are some local consultancy firms which, as our own, have the expertise for recruiting and initiation of operations as well as coaching and consultancy for management in order to optimize operational and governance models.

April 2015